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Software and Support Solutions - Training and Consulting

Training and Consulting

Increase employee productivity, reduce frustration, and enhance job satisfaction, by empowering your support staff to conquer computer fears and automate routine job processes. Onsite or offsite, we offer:
  • Software Installations, Primary and Secondary offices
  • Law Industry Specific Software Customization & Configuration
  • Law and Accounting Software Linking
  • Computer/Software Support,Troubleshooting and Updating
  • Computer/Software Training & Consulting
  • Database Maintenance, Importing and Exporting

Software Linking

Linking software is a process that allows various computer software programs to 'talk to each other'. The result is an easier, more efficient workflow for your support staff, saving them time and you money.

Amicus Attorney Software, Small Firm

Link Amicus Software to:

Amicus Accounting Consulting

Custom office software configurations result in an easy to use billing systems. Tips and tricks make it easier to enter data. Get help closing files and end of the year transactions. As well as enhancing office efficiency, we enable you to discover the most profitable type of law for your business. Let us show you a world of possibilities to enhance your office support system.

  • Billing templates
  • Help with Billing tips
  • Flat fee, hourly or one time bills
  • Reporting assistance
  • Communicating with Amicus Tech support if needed

Custom On-Site Training

Empower your employees with stronger computer and software skills. After one session, trainees can expect their software utilization skills to double or triple their current level of understanding. Achieve as much as 400% more computer efficiency!

We work one-on-one with your staff, targeting your specific problem areas. We use data examples that are already pertinent to your office, and train computer users of all levels in the following areas:

  • Communications training
  • Document management training
  • Setting up precedents
  • Fax and letter templates
  • Software product training